Niskus Biotec is an Irish Biotechnology specializing in Upcycle Fermentation


Our mission is to enable AgriFood companies to convert their under utilized side streams into high value fermented products that are

- Economical

- Industrial Scalable

- On Demand

- On Site

- Circular & Sustainable


Fermented Products:

We are producing, with our partners, a range of novel fermented ingredient & enzyme products for food & feed sectors .

Enabling our customers to create more natural, sustainable & affordable foods, that have added taste, texture and nutrition content.



Our flexible modular pilot fermentation platform & process are designed to be

-Operational near or at the source of side stream generation.

-Compatible for a broad range of Agrifood side streams

- Suitable for liquid and semi solid side streams

We use fungi and bacteria inoculums that are:

-Food grade

-High yielding

-Trained for substrate

-Non GMO



To date have included the upcycling of spent grains and wash from the Brewery and Whiskey industry into to mycelium biomass & enzymes


Contact us: If you have an agrifood side stream that you want to upcycle or if you are a food/ feed company interested evaluating our fermented ingredients & enzymes.

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